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Panaga Health Centre (Seria)

Jalan Utara, Panaga, Brunei
Full name: Panaga Health Centre

To predict medicine errors some medical centres in the bounds of Brunei have developed the exclusive continuing development of automatic doctor purchase admittance, that has changed into a broadly identified protection process. The most suitable option to improve your health is that you ask for a visit to this health centre and that they use the most impressive methods and have the newest instruments in technologies.

If you possess concerns if they should opt for Panaga Health Centre for your health facility of reference, bear in mind the business from the spaces, health care organizing, home design, signage as well as the divorce between areas are harmoniously merged, the patient who techniques about the health centre the very first time can walk through it without problems. After creating a properly-being process, this health facility all around Jalan Utara, Panaga, Brunei is a treatment, education, study, educating, and affiliate hospital. The beneficial staff members here consists of several doctors standing up as medical and healthcare areas.

A health facility like Panaga Health Centre can provide you a wide range of solutions according to the quantity of gurus you may have contracted along with the health care insurance firms you might have agreements with. Most of individuals think about going to a health centre as browsing another earth, however, you don't need to worry excessive while you are going to a known hospital in your community.

New in Seria?

Write down the GPS coordinates we have on our file for this health centre, so you can enter them into your GPS to assistance you locate the hospital easily.:

  • GPS

    4.609631, 114.303314
  • Location

    Brunei, Belait, Seria
  • Address

    Jalan Utara, Panaga, Brunei
  • Directions


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