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Hopital Bon Samaritain (N'Djamena)

N'Djamena, Chad
Full name: Hopital Bon Samaritain

Health care insurance firms warranties to provide you with the perfect treatments, that can assist you in order to save your lifestyle and keep away from annoying illnesses. Maybe this health center is a lot more technologically produced than you think so take a look at their website and you might be very impressed.

In general, hospital stay has no time restriction, so staying in Hopital Bon Samaritain depends upon whether or not, from the viewpoint of the medical professional in the Health-related Panel who ordered entry, the specialized should remain put in the hospital remains or otherwise not. Make an appointment with this Hopital Bon Samaritain is definitely a straightforward job, because you can accomplish it specifically on the facility without making an appointment for Hopital Bon Samaritain during enterprise time or you can also contact by phone. health centers in the region of N'Djamena are significant for many motives, for instance, having a powerful past of development and improvement, giving first-level proper care to patients, traveling clinical progression with forward considering research. When one of the loved ones are sick and tired, you need to rush her or him for the health facility because early diagnosis helps the medical professionals to deliver best remedies.


Write down the GPS coordinates we have on our file for this hospital, so you can enter them into your GPS to enable you locate the health center easily.:

  • GPS

    12.085989, 15.085452
  • Location

    Chad, Chari-Baguirmi, N'Djamena
  • Address

    N'Djamena, Chad
  • Directions


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