Al-Salam Hospital (Mosul)

Mosul, Iraq
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Full name: Al-Salam Hospital

The reputed hospitals. earn acknowledgment for their superiority from your credentialing centre of Nīnawá as keeping yourself designed with technologies, creativity, and unparalleled healthcare knowledge. This may seem apparent, but the perfect time to choose a hospital. occurs when you don't need one. This way, you may have time to assess Al-Salam Hospital with all the current medical centers. neighboring to Mosul and think about what your preferences are.

This hospital. near Mosul, Iraq this are approved to deliver services for common health problems and dealing the urgent scenario in a well-synchronised and roomy health center., providing the communities throughout Mosul. Both small surgical procedures and those that need an functioning room in Al-Salam Hospital usually require a few months of sophistication in practically all medical health insurance guidelines, which means you must hang on some time after release so as to perform the involvement.

There are treatments of all kinds, and based on their standard of complexity they can be performed in general meetings or perhaps in a lot more specialized consultation services. If you are a individual interested in the quality of health care solutions near Mosul, you can imagine browsing this center and tell us how performed they treat you.

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  • GPS

    36.324596, 43.186848
  • Location

    Iraq, Nīnawá, Mosul
  • Address

    Mosul, Iraq
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