Ibn Sina Hospital (Baghdad)

Karkh, Baghdad 228, Iraq
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Full name: Ibn Sina Hospital

Make positive Ibn Sina Hospital is skilled treating the sort of dilemma you may have, since your local health center. may be fine for more prevalent types of cancer but if you have a unusual disease, you may have to choose a specific hospital.. Ibn Sina Hospital might be closer to you than you imagine through taking under consideration all of the possible carry options that will more than likely be in depth on their website.

The best choice for your health is that you simply request a trip to this hospital. and they make use of the most impressive tactics and possess the newest tools in technologies. To anticipate medication mistakes some health centers. near Baghdad have developed the distinctive advancement of automatic medical doctor purchase entry, which includes changed into a broadly identified security practice.

When looking for the best health facility., you have to be cautious to locate an installation that is certainly reliable and honest. hospitals. such as the suggested help prompt professional services for generally all popular difficulties along with its reflected in is higher reviews regarding the high quality and pleasure of the sufferers.

Do you know Baghdad?

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  • GPS

    33.314678, 44.403950
  • Location

    Iraq, Baghdād, Baghdad
  • Address

    Karkh, Baghdad 228, Iraq
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