Şifa Hastanesi (Kirkuk)

حي بكلر، Iraq
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Full name: Şifa Hastanesi

This health center. neighboring to Iraq is properly facilitated with great accessibility to medical professionals, overall health ward and urgent therapy from a very skilled nursing jobs personnel. If you might have concerns if they should select Şifa Hastanesi for your health center. of research, take into account the business of the areas, health-related planning, interior decorating, signs along with the divorce between spaces are harmoniously put together, an individual who methods about the hospital. initially can walk through it without issues.

When looking for the best health facility., it is also a smart idea to check out or ask which companies you might have subcontracted for activities for example cleaning up or other services susceptible to simply being outsourcing. If you are searching toward get admitted into a health facility. that offers remedies based upon latest technology, you can go to this middle.

The workers of your hospital. you decide on ought to be warm and friendly and helpful to be able to supply a friendly expertise for your needs. It is advisable that visits not produced after certain several hours to avoid noises from the corridors, with regards to achievable. Talk with Şifa Hastanesi these several hours.


Write down the GPS coordinates we've on our file for this hospital., so you can enter them into your GPS to help you locate the health center. easily.:

  • GPS

    35.462639, 44.380592
  • Location

    Iraq, At Taʼmīm, Kirkuk
  • Address

    حي بكلر، Iraq
  • Directions