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Кабинет психолога, консультант по (Almaty)

Чайковского 144, Алматы, Kazakhstan
Full name: Кабинет психолога, консультант по здоровью

This health center all around Чайковского 144, Алматы, Kazakhstan this are authorized to supply providers for popular medical issues and working the urgent scenario inside a nicely-synchronised and spacious health center, helping the areas throughout Almaty. Users who are pending surgery and therefore are included in the surgery hanging around listing normally can pick the health center in which they wish to be aided, so ask for this particular service to Кабинет психолога, консультант по.

One of the greatest approaches to feel that this health center cares about its individuals is to remove all be concerned about introduction, give back and car parking, so check that Кабинет психолога, консультант по features a big auto parking region to conveniently drop off and get automobiles. Most of medical health insurance companies recognize the authority to free collection of household treatment specialist and pediatrician along with the straight to select a healthcare professional through the health facility environment and general public health facility, in the case of surgical intervention. Before you choose a health center to acknowledge, it is very important experience customer reviews which are available online simply because they mirror the support which you would get. Another continuous substantial progression will be the transformation of a ward-dependent system, exactly where people are matched in public areas separated by transportable dividers, to a single where they are facilitated in person areas.

How to get the hospital

Write down the GPS coordinates we've got on our file for this health center, so you can enter them into your GPS to assistance you locate the health facility easily.:

  • GPS

    43.252781, 76.938522
  • Location

    Kazakhstan, Almaty Qalasy, Almaty
  • Address

    Чайковского 144, Алматы, Kazakhstan
  • Directions


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