Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital (Maseru)

Kingsway, Maseru, Lesotho
  • Medical Centre
  • Doctor
Full name: Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital

This health facility. neighboring to Maseru is well facilitated with great availability of doctors, general health ward and unexpected emergency therapy by a highly skilled nursing jobs personnel. This hospital. at Kingsway, Maseru, Lesotho supply all of their experts with all the implies to ensure that the patient recovers as soon as possible. For this, it is a issue to adhere to the measures indicated from the medical professional, with whom the nursing staff work continually.

The ward-centreed hospital. method is depicted as exceptionally effective, particularly for the medical staff members, but is considered to be more uncomfortable for people and unfavorable for their level of privacy. health centres. like it will help you satisfy your state of health needs with minimal discomfort if you make an appointment at Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital well in advance.

Both small surgical procedures and those that need an functioning area in Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital usually require several months of sophistication in practically all medical insurance plans, therefore you must wait a while after discharge to be able to perform the involvement. Most of medical insurance companies identify the ability to free of charge choice of loved ones treatments expert and pediatrician and also the ability to choose a medical professional from the health centre. environment and community health centre., in the event of surgical involvement.

Some help with Maseru?

Write down the GPS coordinates we have on our file for this hospital., so you can enter them into your GPS to aid you locate the health facility. easily.:

  • GPS

    -29.315580, 27.487171
  • Location

    Lesotho, Maseru, Maseru
  • Address

    Kingsway, Maseru, Lesotho
  • Directions