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José Macamo Hospital (Maputo)

EN2, Maputo, Mozambique
Full name: José Macamo Hospital

If you have worries whether or not to select José Macamo Hospital for your health centre of reference, keep in mind the business in the spots, medical preparation, interior decorating, signs and also the separation between spaces are harmoniously put together, a patient who techniques around the health centre initially can walk through it without difficulty. Most of hospitals in the bounds of Maputo City have received several things of acknowledgment and honors for the prestigious benefit in patient total satisfaction superiority care and that commitment is monitored daily by a lot of clinical professionals.

The medical professionals with this health facility can help you defeat each of the health issues you could have and, more importantly, inform you to make sure they do not come about once again. The ward-dependent health centre system has been represented as exceptionally efficient, specifically for that medical staff members, however is considered to be a lot more unpleasant for people and negative for their security. To determine the caliber of this health centre, find out José Macamo Hospital lead period in the E.R., by contacting the health facility asking for the standard hold out time per individual. If you are looking toward get confessed to your hospital that gives remedies according to most advanced technology, you can visit this centre.

How to reach the premises

Write down the GPS coordinates we've got on our file for this hospital, so you can enter them into your GPS to guide you locate the health facility easily.:

  • GPS

    -25.947996, 32.543461
  • Location

    Mozambique, Maputo City, Maputo
  • Address

    EN2, Maputo, Mozambique
  • Directions


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