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Stichting Gezond Monnickendam

Pierebaan 1-A, 1141 GV Monnickendam, Netherlands
Full name: Stichting Gezond Monnickendam

The best-acknowledged kind of health center will be the general hospital, which is set up to manage numerous types of sickness and traumas, and typically features a crisis heart to manage fast and critical threats to well being this health center. Verifying the trustworthiness of Stichting Gezond Monnickendam is not really as difficult as you may think: Ask your doctor what he feels, ask your overall health insurance provider and ask the hospital staff in case they have patient surveys or inside high quality manage records that you can make reference to.

The waiting room is one of the essential parts of any health facility, becoming one of the most demanding parts of every vacation to Stichting Gezond Monnickendam, so make sure they make it a wonderful location with breathtaking landscapes, windows for daylight, artwork and beautiful furniture. To achieve comfort and ease, a lighting style focused on the human simply being, and in this case about the patients, is essential. New lighting effects systems permit continual and progressive control over color temperature and lighting ranges to adapt to human being biological rhythms. Several medical centers in the region of North Holland are exceptionally positioned for quite a good number of strengths, including turmoil therapy, medical attention, common illnesses and others, by one the best educated staff. If you happen to be individual concerned about the grade of healthcare providers near Monnickendam, you can imagine browsing this middle and inform us how do they treat you.

How to get the hospital

Write down the GPS coordinates we have on our file for this health facility, so you can enter them into your GPS to assist you locate the hospital easily.:

  • GPS

    52.455135, 5.037787
  • Location

    Netherlands, North Holland, Monnickendam
  • Address

    Pierebaan 1-A, 1141 GV Monnickendam, Netherlands

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How to reach the premises

This is the most recent get in touch with information and facts we've:

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  • E-mail

    not provided
  • Website

If you believe that any on the facts is incorrect, please speak to us. Help us be better day-by-day.

We strongly recommend contacting this hospital before dropping by, since it could be closed, moved or changed its opening hours.
We strongly recommend contacting this hospital before dropping by, since it could be closed, moved or changed its opening hours.

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