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Tapion Hospital (Castries)

Tapion Road, St. Lucia
Full name: Tapion Hospital

This health facility near Tapion Road, St. Lucia this are certified to provide professional services for common health concerns and dealing the emergency scenario in a nicely-synchronised and roomy hospital, servicing the neighborhoods throughout Castries. The well-known hospitals succeed acknowledgment for their superiority from the credentialing heart of Saint Lucia as staying built with modern technology, development, and unrivaled health-related knowledge.

The ward-centreed hospital program has been represented as exceptionally effective, specifically for the health care staff, yet is considered to be a lot more distressing for people and unfavorable for his or her level of privacy. Make certain Tapion Hospital is skilled treating the sort of problem you may have, since your neighborhood health centre may be acceptable for more widespread types of cancer but when you have a unusual illness, you might need to select a specific hospital.

Some health centres call themselves investigation hospitals. Consequently many of the doctors who function there do medical investigation with their parts of knowledge and might perform numerous studies. Patients in this particular class of health centres are usually handled by doctors who are professionals inside their location. health facilities and Tapion Hospital take into account among their quick-phrase objectives to give a dignified exit to patients who depart the hospital, but nevertheless require treatment. This not just supplies the leaving behind affected individual using a much more dignified gait, but may relaxed the neural system of new sufferers entering the hospital.


Write down the GPS coordinates we have on our file for this health centre, so you can enter them into your GPS to enable you locate the health facility easily.:

  • GPS

    14.012766, -61.006207
  • Location

    Saint Lucia, Castries, Castries
  • Address

    Tapion Road, St. Lucia
  • Directions


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Call them before dropping by

This is definitely the most recent make contact with details we've:

  • Telephone +1 758-459-2000

  • E-mail

    not provided
  • Website

If you believe that any of the info is incorrect, please make contact with us. Aid us be better day-by-day.

We strongly recommend contacting this hospital before dropping by, since it could be closed, moved or changed its opening hours.
We strongly recommend contacting this hospital before dropping by, since it could be closed, moved or changed its opening hours.

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