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Vura Clinic (Honiara)

Honiara, Solomon Islands
Full name: Vura Clinic

If you don't know any patients you may request the folks surrounding you such as neighborhood friends, relatives or co-workers to learn where by they go before you make an appointment Vura Clinic. Today, hospitals are going to an incredible extent staffed by expert medical doctors, professionals, and attendants, although formerly, this work was typically done by the founding faith based needs or by volunteers.

Hospital protection of your respective medical health insurance service usually includes the patient's be in any one of the hospitals within the medical graph, in one space having a companion's bed so require this services when calling Vura Clinic. Whenever you are feeling sick and tired, you ought to rush to this spot mainly because it offers the best treatments and allow you to to eliminate aggravation. Maybe this health facility is more technologically designed than you think so take a look at their site and you will be blown away. A health facility is a organization that mixes factors of manufacturing and produces the assistance health care even services businesses generally believe that they have services rather than think that they create goods.

Some assist with Honiara?

Write down the GPS coordinates we have on our file for this health facility, so you can enter them into your GPS to support you locate the hospital easily.:

  • GPS

    -9.438079, 159.987747
  • Location

    Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, Honiara
  • Address

    Honiara, Solomon Islands
  • Directions


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