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BOG (Mariënburg)

Oost-West Verbinding, Tamanredjo, Suriname
Full name: BOG

After developing a well-getting system, this hospital all around Oost-West Verbinding, Tamanredjo, Suriname is actually a attention, instruction, investigation, teaching, and affiliate health center. The healing employees here contains several doctors standing as surgical and health-related areas. This hospital all around Commewijne is nicely facilitated with fantastic accessibility of doctors, health and wellness ward and crisis therapy with a highly skilled nursing employees.

In general, hospitalization has almost no time limit, so remaining in BOG depends upon whether or not, inside the view in the doctor of your Health care Board who purchased admission, the technical have to remain hospitalized stays or not. To carry out a medical treatment has to be completed a sterilization of all the materials and, often, some form of assist or earlier treatment by the individual.

A local health facility like BOG could have an emergency space having a fantastic track record nevertheless the hospital on the opposite side of Mariënburg may have a greater status. So, you can pick one health center for emergency situations and another one for other remedy. Before visiting this hospital you need to make certain it complies with all the current existing health restrictions and criteria to ensure that things are so as and you do not have a poor experience.

New in Mariënburg?

Write down the GPS coordinates we've got on our file for this hospital, so you can enter them into your GPS to enable you locate the health center easily.:

  • GPS

    5.785598, -55.025482
  • Location

    Suriname, Commewijne, Mariënburg
  • Address

    Oost-West Verbinding, Tamanredjo, Suriname
  • Directions


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