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The German Clinic (Nuku'alofa)

Vaha'akolo Road, Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Full name: The German Clinic

The treatment options supplied at this hospital are exceedingly efficient and you will definitely not need to spend a few days in the health facility due to it. medical centres have a wide range of sectors (e.g.: emergency proper care and surgical procedure) and pro devices, by way of example, cardiology. A few health centres have out-patient divisions and some have persistent therapy units. Popular support devices add a pharmacy, pathology, and radiology.

Make sure The German Clinic has experience healing the particular difficulty you may have, since your local hospital can be fine for more prevalent cancer but if you have a exceptional disease, you might need to select a specific health facility. Almost all hospitals in the vicinity of Tonga similar to this incorporate medical doctors and skilled specialists giving abilities in a variety of areas. The German Clinic may be even closer you than you think if you are taking into consideration all of the possible transport alternatives that may almost definitely be in depth on their site. In addition to common providers you can also find a number of professionals to meet distinct needs.

How to reach the premises

Write down the GPS coordinates we've got on our file for this health facility, so you can enter them into your GPS to aid you locate the hospital easily.:

  • GPS

    -21.132120, -175.202637
  • Location

    Tonga, Tongatapu, Nuku'alofa
  • Address

    Vaha'akolo Road, Nuku'alofa, Tonga
  • Directions


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