St Joseph's Hospital (Fale old settlement)

Fenua Fala, Tokelau
  • Medical Center
  • Doctor
Full name: St Joseph's Hospital

Having an iron well being can be a fantasy become a reality, because you can search for a expert in St Joseph's Hospital to have the essential check-ups and therapies accomplished occasionally. The folks you already know who have visited this hospital. are able to let you know concerning the very best as well as the most awful with their facilities, employees, times and effects.

After making a properly-getting method, this health center. near Fenua Fala, Tokelau is really a proper care, education, study, instructing, and recommendation hospital.. The restorative staff here consists of several medical doctors ranking as medical and health-related areas of expertise. Users who are pending surgery and therefore are integrated about the medical waiting around checklist typically pick the health facility. in which they wish to be helped, so require this particular service to St Joseph's Hospital. Health attention insurance firms tend to offer the most beneficial cure for their clientele, so that you can visit this center for all kinds of a treatment. The staff members from the health facility. you pick out must be pleasant and accommodating so that you can provide a friendly encounter for your needs.

How to get the health center.

Write down the GPS coordinates we've on our file for this health facility., so you can enter them into your GPS to assist you locate the hospital. easily.:

  • GPS

    -9.374579, -171.262634
  • Location

    Tokelau, Fakaofo, Fale old settlement
  • Address

    Fenua Fala, Tokelau
  • Directions

    fale old settlement