Soran Polyclinic (Arbil Governorate)

Pizhishkan, Arbil, Iraq
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Full name: Soran Polyclinic

It is recommended that appointments not made after specific time to prevent sounds within the corridors, so far as achievable. Check with Soran Polyclinic these several hours. Having clean and clear facilities is one of the important requirements and that is why it is essential to visit the hospital. before recognizing any treatment or generating a consultation.

Doctors and nurse practitioners around this hospital. at Pizhishkan, Arbil, Iraq supply individuals with higher-quality human, technological and scientific attention to assist them preserve, restore or maintain health. This is accomplished through constant and timetabled training job. If you might be concerned about needing an intervention or perhaps a very expensive remedy, you are able to look for facilities that supply these types of services for less money or remove personal medical health insurance.

If you are unsure about whether to select the Soran Polyclinic as the reference health facility., be aware that space company, healthcare planning, home design, signs and separation between spaces are very important. It's a smart idea to conduct some research and learn which health center. is right for you, whether you're planning to have surgical treatment, have a severe health problem that might need treatment method in the future, are preparing to give delivery, or I only want to be prepared.

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Write down the GPS coordinates we've got on our file for this hospital., so you can enter them into your GPS to aid you locate the health center. easily.:

  • GPS

    36.195251, 44.003761
  • Location

    Iraq, Arbīl, Arbil Governorate
  • Address

    Pizhishkan, Arbil, Iraq
  • Directions

    arbil governorate