BOG (Mariënburg)

Oost-West Verbinding, Tamanredjo, Suriname
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Full name: BOG

The anxiety about medical professionals. is eliminated thanks to good information in educational institutions from your early age and the design of the spaces within the health centers., that happen to be becoming more and more luminous. The present health center. in the area of Oost-West Verbinding, Tamanredjo, Suriname is especially significant due to its excellence in nursing attention and schedule medical problems, and possesses also produced a mark in working health and wellness troubles, moreover for crisis medications of all types.

Before any therapy, your reliable consultant must make a thorough diagnosis of the spot being handled so there are no complications along the way. If you may have worries whether to choose BOG as your hospital. of guide, bear in mind the group of the spaces, health-related preparation, decor, signs as well as the separation between areas are harmoniously put together, a client who steps on the health center. the first time can stroll through it without problems. If you don't know any people you can ask the individuals near you for example neighborhood friends, family members or co-workers to learn exactly where they go prior to an appointment BOG. Before visiting this health center. you have to ensure it conforms because of the current health restrictions and criteria to ensure things are all to be able and you do not have a poor practical experience.

New in Mariënburg?

Write down the GPS coordinates we have on our file for this health center., so you can enter them into your GPS to enable you locate the health facility. easily.:

  • GPS

    5.785598, -55.025482
  • Location

    Suriname, Commewijne, Mariënburg
  • Address

    Oost-West Verbinding, Tamanredjo, Suriname
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